Our Services

Mens et Manus follows the current RIBA Plan of Work and guidelines for structuring the various steps needed to realise the design and execution of a project.
MEM offers full architectural services. But because not all projects are the same, we can provide selected services depending on your design needs. We can help frame your project with brief and concept services, or continue with developing the design and applying for planning approvals, or provide full construction ready documents and coordinate the necessary statutory approvals.
Our office works closely with the interior designer team of Studio Sidika. Should you need interior services for decorating, furnishings and styling, we can offer a full range of related services that will suit your budget.

[1] Survey
A measured survey of the existing building dimensions and conditions can be arranged by MEM. This is an important step to ensure we are starting with accurate base drawings and full visual documentation as we develop the proposed design.
[1a] Brief
MEM will work with you to articulate what it is that your project hopes to achieve. We use the brief as a type of road map that guides the design process, helps decision making and captures the essence of the project.
Honing in on the scope of your project, while preserving the spark of an idea or vision for the space are the key ingredients of a successful brief.
[2] Concept Design
MEM takes your wish list and road map for the project – the Brief – and investigates a number of different options for spatial layout and organisation. Different layouts can have significant implications for how one uses and inhabits a space and these options serve as a spring board for our discussions about your space. Rarely is there one “right” design solution for a space and the outline stage allows us to discover the best layout and design solution that works for you and the way you want to live in your space.
[3] Developed Design
Once we have an agreed upon design concept and layout, we create more detailed drawings in plan, section and elevation to clearly show in drawing form the relationship between the existing and the proposed work. Here design ideas become more specific and directly related to the actual build. These drawings form the bases for the Planning Application Process.
[3a] Planning Process
MEM places great value on innovative design and creativity. But we also lay emphasis on buildability and realization. Experience with various councils and planning directives affords MEM an understanding of schemes are likely to have favourable review.
MEM has over 10 years’ experience with planning applications and the approval process over a large range of London boroughs. As your Agent, we assume the responsibility for all aspects of the application process including the documentation preparation, submittal and follow up to queries as well as site visits.
Should your application require services from auxiliary professionals such as a Planning Consultant, we can make recommendations or work with a consultant of your choice.

[4] Technical Design
Technical design is the equivalent of the nuts and bolts of the project. It is the last level of development of the drawing set in which all the details and information as well as dimensions are clearly communicated both visually with the drawings and in writing with the specification. The resulting construction package can be seen as the instruction manual for the design and includes the information a contractor needs to build your project.
Architecture projects represent a complex process and have an ever increasing number of specialities and trades involved along the way. Projects do not have to be overly complex but in some cases it can be desirable to involve other consultants with expertise in specific areas.
MEM has worked with a number of highly qualified structural engineers and other consultants typically part of the extended design team family such as Interior Designers, Audio Visual engineers, Landscape Designers, Wardrobe and Joinery Consultants and Lighting Designers.
Statutory Requirements
Beyond planning approval, there are a number of other approvals that may be required prior commencing actual construction work. These include Building Control Approval, Party Wall Agreements, the Licence to Alter from a managing agent, or consent from a neighbouring owner. Typically, these are approvals that are sought once the Final Design stage is complete. MEM offers full support in securing approvals from these agencies and can advise on the best approach and which approvals may be necessary.
[4a] Tender
MEM can assist with and oversee the tendering process, which is the stage of work where you invite a selected number of contractors to quote on your project based on the Final Design documents. We help you create a list of potential contractors and invite for tender, including all the steps of issuing the documents, conducting site walk-throughs, and responding to queries. MEM helps coordinate the submitted tender bids and guides you through the considerations to select your preferred contractor who you want to build your project.
[5] Construction
MEM offers a range of levels of involvement during the construction phase. Typically, MEM serves as the architectural team leader in the “Owner/Architect/Contractor triangle. We can undertake small scale project management. For larger projects, MEM supports the Project Management and Contractor team and acts as vital liaison between the Client and the Contractor. In this role, MEM actively assists with the queries related to the architecture, helps with coordinating the design consultants and ensures that the drawings are interpreted in a way that translates into actual building yet maintains the design integrity of the project.
Please contact us to discuss the services you need and that best suit your project.