Mens et Manus.

Mens et Manus translates from Latin to “Mind and Hands” and reflects our philosophy of the union of knowledge and application.
The firm owes its name from our alma-mater, MIT. “Mens et Manus” appears on the Institute’s official seal, along with a scholar and a labourer who signify a union of knowledge and the mechanical arts.

Meet the Designer.

Director Heidi Rosenwald earned a Masters of Architecture from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a Masters of Architectural History from the University of Virginia. She holds a certificate in architectural preservation and degrees in art history and English composition.
Heidi brings over 15 years’ experience in design and construction ranging from large scale theatre design and modernization projects to residential conversions, renovation and small extensions. She has worked internationally in Germany, USA and the UK.
London has been her home since 2002 where she lives with her husband and their two always-on-the-go children.
Heidi Rosenwald,
ARB Registered,
RIBA Chartered Architect